Driving Directions


Evangola State Park

10191 Old Lake Shore Road

Irving, New York 14081


From Buffalo Airport

1: Start out going Southwest on AIRPORT toward RETURN TO TERMINAL. 0.05 miles

2: AIRPORT becomes AIRPORT EXIT. 0.08 miles

3: AIRPORT EXIT becomes AIRPORT. 0.11 miles

4: AIRPORT becomes NY-33 W. 1.58 miles

5: Merge onto I-90 W/NEW YORK STATE TRWY W toward ERIE (Portions toll). 34.18 miles

6: Take the US-20 E/RT-5 E exit- exit number 58. 1.07 miles

7: Merge onto NY-5. 2.85 miles

8: Turn LEFT onto LOTUS POINT RD. 1.36 miles

9: Turn RIGHT onto OLD LAKE SHORE RD/CR-111. 0.93 miles

Total Estimated Time: 49 minutes
Total Distance: 42.20 miles


Find your way right from the driveway using Map Quest:



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